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40è aniversari - Actes 40è aniversari COA - 2012
divendres, 28 de setembre de 2012 00:00
Address for the inauguration of the Exhibition for the 60th Anniversary of Andorran Sport
17.00 Friday 28th September
Dear Síndic General, 
Dear Head of Government,
Dear Mayors,
Dear President Martí,
Dear Secretary General Fernandez (my dear friends Jaume and Manuel),
Dear Athletes,
Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,
It gives me particular pleasure to be with you here today to celebrate the inauguration of this commendable exhibition for the commemoration of the Olympic athletes of Andorra .
Being such a tiny country, as a sports nation Andorra cannot boast any Olympic medals or world titles, but it nevertheless does have a great sports tradition, which is profoundly rooted in Olympism. Ladies and gentlemen, you should know that this tiny nation has systematically sent a team to every single summer and winter Olympic Games since it first attended in 1976, fielding athletes with a very high sense of what true Olympism is. Indeed, what can be termed the true stuff of Olympism if not the feats of athletes such as trap shooter Joan Tomas, who has competed in five Olympic Games, including London 2012 as one of the oldest competing athletes at the age of 61 and as flag bearer for his country. Or Toni Bernardò, who has competed in five Olympic marathons, including London 2012, becoming the first and so far only athlete to have finished five Olympic marathons. For brevity, I have named just two, but I can assure you the list is long, as I am sure we will see when we visit the exhibition!
Ladies and gentlemen, this is no mean sports record for such a tiny nation! Yes, this is the great, the strong sporting spirit of Andorra!
And, dear friends, for me there is another very significant: you, the people of Andorra, are strong in heart and soul, you are very proud of your country and your traditions, and it is these that are the qualities that make your sports tradition so outstanding, so may these 60 years of Olympic athletes of Andorra be a springboard to ever greater heights!
Thank You
Patrick Hickey

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